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Reading in English

All of the Metaphysics Courses in this website
will be degraded and generated directly by the founder (MASTER TEACHER/ TUAN GURU).
We are offering variety of metaphysic Courses on this website on a donation basis than a set fee. You can donate that you can afford.

The founder and the Master teacher or "TUAN GURU" in this website here is "UST. DR. SARIPUDIN DAMANG, S.A.g", one of the Spiritual Master of Indonesian Supranatural who was got the Indonesian Supranatural Award from Professional Indonesian Association (Yayasan Citra Profesi Indonesia). Having a special method of generation of metaphysic spiritual energy. Have been introduced, adjustmentled, and guided by invisible man (Called: GAIB) to use and experience variety of Spiritual Energy Adjustment. Have been distance teaching variety of metaphysics courses since 1997. Having many spiritual students not only from Indonesia but other country on the world. Tuan Guru is forever grateful. Master Guru want to share all people his special method of generation of metaphysics spiritual energy.

Now, Anyone Including You Can Become A Master Teacher of Metaphysics Energy.
How Would You Like To Save Your Body From Crime Actions? How Would You Like To Start Your Own Energy Spiritual Healing Practice? How Would You Like To Be Able To Harness The Power of term “SPECTRUM ENERGY PLUS”? To Help Heal Yourself, Your Friends, Your Family, Your Love Ones, and Others?How Would You Like To Learn The Secrets of all of metaphysics energy & Use Them to Send Healing to Issues & Situations in Your Past, Present & Future?

One of My Special Method of Spiritual Energy Adjustment
I Call "Spectrum Energy Plus (SEP)"
This site is a place for me to share about my journey with SPECTRUM ENERGY PLUS. I am amazed daily at the tangible power of Spectrum Energy Plus, and this site is where I've decided to share my experiences, and invite feedback, comments, suggestions, and like-minded friends to join me. I am also interested in finding people who would like to receive distance Spectrum Energy Plus Adjustment. This will give me chances to share and use my spectrum energy to help people, and I hope it will help me continue on this journey of self discovery. I am happy to share spectrum energy adjustment with those who are interested. The benefits of Spectrum Energy Adjustment can improve the automatically body self defence from various crime action, the body inner beuty, the quality of body health, the positive self intelligence, and more other benefits. for further information, I call this Spectrum Energy Plus (SEP) Adjustment, because that is how I founded it in my spiritual experiences. Finally, give me apologize if you find in my english writing is many mistake. So, if you need Spectrum Energy Plus (SEP) Adjustment, read the home page below using google translate. I write complately article in Bahasa indonesia. Please feel free to contact me if you need more information.
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