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Inner power may arise by the breath technique, by stomach pressure, chest and under belly pressure combined with mind centralization (full concentration) at one point. This inner power can united the magical power filtered from life power/tenaga dalam/ Magnetism in the nature and the body. The power may be used at the time and without regular exercise the inner power may lost by itself.

The SALAMAH ASMA NABAWI inner power or godlike frequency of inner power has a special method that different from other inner power. The SALAMAH ASMA NABAWI inner power has the source from the conviction of God the One that combined with full mind centralization (full concentration). This inner power will function forever and would charge after used. The generation may be done directly or by distantly. Generation conducted by special energy frequency or by far distance procces. THE SALAMAH ASMA NABAWI power consist of mind inner power and physical inner power, and the combined will make someone would not loose his power or exhausted. Most the other inner power, may take the one of that power, usually the physical inner power, and cause the power recharge. The method of SALAMAH ASMA NABAWI inner power combine both, and cause the recharge automatically after used, and breath technique may increase the process.

The SALAMAH ASMA NABAWI inner power derived from deeply mind belief, pure and holly and finally it lead to find our conviction to the greatest of God. There are no contradictive for you to learn the other inner/mind power, as long as the white-spiritual method.

The Benefits

  1. The SALAMAH ASMA NABAWI Inner Power is all art that thought that prosperity and power are charged by God the One, and only His wish so we can survive from disaster and crime. Pray and lay on Him is the main road to close ourselves for live and the safe of life. THE SALAMAH ASMA NABAWI Inner Power, as an art of self-defense is not an art of action, and will work at maximum level when we were on danger go for safety, absolutely, by the permission and blessing of God almighty.
  2. To bear down the attack and evil you do not have to go on physical contact. If someone want to hurt you, it is common happen, that they will fall ahead, their body faint and paralyzed. In this, when there someone such as hold-up man, pickpocket, and other criminals, the protection will work at the moment so they will loose their devilment or be paralyzed.
  3. To gut the black magic, so you will safe from ilmu santet, teluh, gendam, hypnotize, magic, voodoo, black magic, magical formula and all the evil.

There are three levels of SALAMAH ASMA NABAWI (SAN) Inner Power:

  1. SAN practitioner,
  2. SAN master,
  3. and SAN grand master

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