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The Spiritual Symbols The Unique Numbers

Here is a study of the numbers associated with the spiritual symbols (The Unique Numbers).

spiritual symbols unique numbers

TRY to contemplate (Tafakkur) for a moment,  Insha Allah, This Study Has never been found elsewhere except in yman and The spiritual students of al-waaqiah 74 to 81.

Even though you have reached the level of Professor, even though you are a Great Spiritual TEACHER who mastered in Zahir and Batin..  actually your Spiritual Contemplation (TAFAKKUR) RESULTS could be wrong! Therefore:

So exalt the name of your Lord, the Most Great.74
7 + 4 = 11
11 = 1 + 1 = 2,
whatever is meant by symbols 1 and 2
The powerful sufi = 2 YOU and ME are UNITED
the IHIB united,
not all spiritual disciples are able to pass through this process.

Then I swear by the setting of the stars,75
7 + 5 = 12
12 months,
Monthly time round, annual calendar
Natural Rotation Procces
12=1 + 2 = 3
Alif Lam Mim Allah,
The Triangle Proccesing
Gabril alahissalam, Prophet Muhammad SAW, Allah
Anything with symbols 75, 12, 1,2, and 3

And indeed, it is an oath - if you could know - [most] great.76
7 + 6 = 13
13=1 + 3 = 4
Whatever comes with symbols 13 and 4
very unique, cubes, kabbah, etc.
the path of the path, through the-4 steps of baiat: shari'a, tariqat, haqiqat (essence), and marifat.
4 main caliphs of Islam
4 special sahabah of the Islamic prophet Muhammad
13 is very unique, very sensitive.
NOTE: ignore it, woe,

Indeed, it is a noble Qur'an 77
7 + 7 = 14 the 7th heaven and the 7th of hell
14=1 + 4 = 5 = fifth prayer time,
the pillar of your religion (Islam)

In a Register well-protected (lauh mahfuz);78
7 + 8 = 15
15=1 + 5 = 6 Pillars of faith
believe or not if it's in lauhul mahfuz?

None touch it except the purified. 79
7 + 9 = 16
16=1 + 6 = 7 olso read the previous 7 symbols
Whatever is meant by symbol 7
7 verses in surah al-fatehah
7 friends ashabul kahf
7 = day, hour, second, minute, month, year ,,,
the rotation time
the 7 other signs of All`s power
no matter how high you are at the moment, even if you are a king,,, or as good as any people say, or the organizational word about you, but if you are dirty (unpurified), then you are not a person who deserves to touch it ,,, or you do not deserve to touch it, because the only provision of a holy person who can touch it ..... only those who purify their soul and body can touch the secret of miracles.

[It is] a revelation from the Lord of the worlds. 80
8 + 0
the secret of Allah
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Then is it to this statement that you are indifferent 81
8 + 1 = 9
Whatever it means by symbol 9
The Prophets
The Holy Guardians
The Wali Sanga (Popular Wali in Java Indonesia)

The Judgment Day is Continued ....
Want to leran it? Read al-Waaqiah 74 to 81

All the symbols in the universe are not made unintentionally,
even it is made with deliberate and has become a provision in lauhul mahfuz, by Almighty of Allah and become part of the signs of the greatness of Almighty of Allah.
 Wallahu A`lam 
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