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How to See The Astral World Beings (The Unseen)

Many people are curious and want to know about the unseen of God's creatures: the magical realms, the genies, the demons, the ghosts, the astral realms, the astral plane or world, the angels world, etc.), but the more they seek to know, and the more they find a dead end (hijab)

how to see asral world unseen

Many people follow various dhikr exercises, join in certain tariqah (thariqoh), join in various spiritual hermit groups, etc. with the sole purpose of wanting to know about the unseen, wanting to see the occultation. Want to know about the magic of themselves, until the desire to know the mysteries of God's creatures, But the more they try to know the occultation, the more they find a dead end (the dark hijabiyyah wall in their meditation of dhikr).

Magical formula: Why are they called unseen?
The main reason is because they are unknown (the invisible, the unpredictable movement, its existence can not be realized, etc.). Even satan (syaithon) that is mentioned as a real enemy by Allah, but it is still difficult and too unseen for you to recognize its movement.

So, if the unseen of the creature can be seen, its movement can be predicted (detected), its existence can be realized, then they no longer become unseen to those who can see it, feel it, detect it, talk casually with the unseen, etc.

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The question then?
Are you indeed worthy to see the unseen of God's creatures? Especially if your mind and heart are still difficult to believe in the existence of the occult itself and more problematic if you do not believe in the GAIB of Allah Subhanahu Wa ta`ala.

Astral World Sciences Training Guide:
Before you waste your time finding the unseen path from various spiritual knowledge (tariqah), then answer the following questions! Are you worthy to know the Unseen of God's creatures?

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