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About Jin, Heretical Thoughts Blur Your Eyes

Heretical thoughts can make your eyes look damaged not clear anymore. Seeing anyone always with a problematic or negative view. Everyone in your eyes is no longer a good person. They are like this or that! And you are more holy than them!

About Genie Real Devil Heretical Thoughts

In the spiritual world, when your understanding of JIN is incorrect, then when your eyes and mind see (detect) a genie or a certain creature near someone, then you just interpret that person has used jin, khodam, or similar terms.

Real Olso:

Even though the person you accused may actually have a safe life full of gratitude to Allah, that person didn't even think about jinns, moreover he didn't even want to worship jinn or anything. The point is the person you accused of worshiping the genie, maybe in his life does not have a problem with jinn and not with Allah. Or it could be that he is a person who has a high sincerity more willing and obedient to Allah, so that not only do the angels of Allah like him, other creatures of Allah including plants, animals and Muslim jinns like him too. (The one who hates him is only from the satan / devil (iblis) who has not succeeded in deceiving him, and it is possible that the one who becomes a satan to that person is you).
So the worry is that the problem is actually coming from yourself where there is always a real demon who always accompanies your life, but you don't see it nor feel it, where the devil has succeeded in filling your heart and mind about holiness and feeling more holy and right, and always see other people more dirty. So then you also become takabbur (Very Arrogant) and without you also being aware that you have have been accompanied by a perverted khodam, a real satan (ie your mind that has become The Heretical thoughts).
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