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Because Receiving Rp. 21 million, This Guru was insulted

The following notes are written based on a true story about a spiritual guru who lives modestly in a rented house with his family in an area in Indonesia. Just name this Guru as (SDR = pseudonym).

This Guru (SDR) is often visited by guests from outside the city to ask for spiritual guidance. But for some reason, this guru deliberately hid his identity from the neighbors and the surrounding community. So that every time asked by neighbors and the surrounding community about guests from outside the city, this guru, only told them that the guests were family and friends of the Majlis pilgrims who came to stay in touch (did not explain if the guests came to be a student and learn spiritually). Therefore, people around the house only know this guru as an ordinary person and not as a spiritual guru.

Until one day, a guest from abroad came to visit the residence of the SDR (Guru) to ask for spiritual guidance and become his student. Henceforth, just name this student as an ABD (pseudonym). Since coming for the first time and receiving guidance, the relationship between the ABD as a student and SDR as a guru is well established, until the ABD comes again in the following year.

The relationship is getting stronger so that there is an bathin inner bond and emotional family that is very good, so the guru has assumed that he is no longer just a student or an ordinary guest but also a part of his family.

This bathin inner bond has made the guru decide to find another teacher, in addition to other more important reasons, the ABD is also very thirsty for spirituality and is eager to explore the path of spirituality. And this is also in accordance with the traditions of some of the earlier ulama, where they recommended or escorted their students to other teachers without feeling embarrassed or arrogant (Where today, many people are considered spiritual gurus in their environment but demean other spirituality teachers or consider the knowledge of tariqah from other teachers to be lower).

Then the plan arrived. After the ABD received the certainty of a 13-day leave time from the company where he worked, then a few months earlier he immediately notified his guru of the schedule to come to visit Indonesia.

Knowing the plans of his spiritual students (who have been in a family bond for 4 years). The guru welcomed the news happily. Not only that, the guru tried to find 2 more gurus closest to the location who might be able to provide good spiritual guidance (not only related to the method of spiritual tariqah but also moral and Islamic law lessons and other lessons).

A few months before the arrival of the ABD (the student) at Indonesia, the SDR (the guru) also tried to find some people who were considered as gurus by the local community, who lived not far from the location of the house. SDR then chose 2 of the many people who were considered as gurus, to become additional new teachers for his students.

They are:
  1. TMZ (pseudonym), some people call him as: Ustadz, some call him as: Pak Kiai. TMZ is studying Islamic sciences including tariqah knowledge for 13 years in the Syeick Maliki Islamic boarding school in Egypt. Currently, he lives in a simple little house with his wife and children. Everyday seen tawaddu`, when going out of the house walking or riding his old motorbike, the kiai TMZ tried to keep his eyes from seeing the woman's genitals. . Everyday activities after every morning, ashar, magrib prayer guide and teach the yellow book (the science of fiqih, tawhid science, etc.) in various mosques and mushollah and in some jama`ah majlis ta`lim around.  
  2. SIK (pseudonym), he is usually called a Sheikh in his family and colleagues in his company, while in the surrounding social house community he is usually called Pak SKL. Learn spiritual Islam from parents and uncles. According to his confession, his family had close relatives with Syeick Arsyad al-Banjari from Kalimantan. The daily activities of SIK, undergoing a family business company, he also lives in a large, luxurious house among other houses in the vicinity.
Schedule to Indonesia
In contrast to the arrival of the ABD in the previous year, the arrival of ABD (the student) this time by bringing along the provision of very large amounts of money and clothes for his guru, SDR.

real story guru spiritual and his student

Picked up at Soekarno Hatta airport, after arriving and meeting at SDR's house (the guru), ABD (the student) was also directly transferring money via online using his high-priced mobile phone, Rp. 21 million more. In addition, immediately give money in the amount of Rp. 350 thousand plus some clothes that he carried. Accompanied by a statement from the ABD: that he sincerely gave all of it in the hope that he could help the GURU's economy, could make the guru, his wife and children feel happy. Even ABD promised to keep sending money every month of his life.

(For the Note: The gift from this student is not at all caused by a request from the SDR (the guru) to be given 21 million in cash, this is purely because of the wishes of the ABD (student) himself. And for more than 2 years before, ABD (the student) also every month always sends varying amounts of money without being asked first)

SDR (the guru) accepted the gift happily and felt happy and greeted the ABD while praying for ABD that his gift would be a reward and he could understand the spiritual path correctly according to the sunnah of the Prophet.
Read Olso:
The meeting on the first day, SDR (the teacher) lent a small book (originating from an Islamic boarding school in Java) that contained notes of prayers in Arabic text to be read by the ABD at the nearest homestay where he stayed while in Indonesia. The aim is to get closer to Allah, also to train ABD to be more fluent in reading Arabic texts (remember ABD is not yet so fluent in reading verses in Arabic text which means that the ABD is still not fluent in reading the Qur'an) .

Start Learning from 2 New Gurus.
SDR (the Guru) also accompanied ABD directly to the two new teachers and asked for guidance.

The two new GURUs who will guide the ABD did not recognize SDR as a SPIRITUAL Guru, but only knew SDR as an ordinary person in their environment. What they knew about the SDR was only people who knew nothing about spiritual matters. What they knew about the SDR was a person who often received guests from out of town and was often seen chatting in the middle of the night. (This is because SDR has indeed been hiding his identity as a spiritual teacher in his neighborhood)

Meet Kiai TMZ
Perhaps because of the English language factors that were not mastered by Kiai TMZ, or other reasons, making it difficult to provide guidance, the ABD did not respond to the guidance of Kiai TMZ.

Meet Mr. SIK
Different when meeting TMZ who cannot speak English, meeting with SIK who can communicate using English. So that ABD responds more to SIK to become his new guru. Or perhaps it is also because the ABD has received input telling that SIK has a lineage relationship with the great Ulama who are also considered to be waliyullah, namely: Syeich Arsyad al-Banjari from Kalimantan.

Following the SIK Spiritual Guidance
Furthermore, for 13 days, ABD also only followed the spiritual guidance of SIK who was accompanied by his assistant named MDN (pseudonym), learned the method of the secret dhikr as well as how to practice it, and various other spiritual understandings. But unfortunately, maybe because the ABD has lost adab and morality to the SDR and all his previous gurus, or is it possible because SIK has taught a problematic understanding so that the ABD demeans all previous gurus including SDR (the guru who recommended the ABD to meet SIK).

Just a few days after getting spiritual guidance from SIK, ABD also considered SIK as a waliyullah (guardian) and also received input from SIK that all previous ABD`s Gurus were misguided gurus even including SDR, the guru who had escorted him to meet SIK.

Even worse, the ABD asked SIK and showed some photos of his Gurus to SIK (photos of some teachers in Indonesia who taught him the salawat, as well as some Islamic gurus in Malaysia, etc.) were they good or misguided teachers? Then SIK as someone who had never known these previous teachers at all and had never seen firsthand how the day-to-day worship of all the teachers, immediately answered ABD's questions and explained that they were all heretical, khurafat, they were using JIN. (Nauzubillah), the answer from this SIK was swallowed up by the ABD who then broke off the relationship with all the teachers.

Even the ABD also considers that the new other guru (TMZ) who has taught him a prayer reading and advice from the Prophet's hadith, even though he only has time to guide a few hours, has been disturbed by JIN. (Hopefully this ABD vision is wrong, and not so, considering that the daily life of Kiai TMZ is only guiding studies to read the yellow book of fiqih, Tawheed, and Tawaddu, trying to keep his eyes from seeing women's  while riding a motorbike, far from the arrogance of those who really true knowledge: Wallahu `Alam, maybe this TMZ is more suitable to be considered as a guardian by ABD).

Other Bad Morals
Even worse without considering his actions, perhaps because he had considered all the previous gurus as dirty teachers and only SIK was truly sacred guru and even the ABD considered him as a Waliyullah (the holy guardian), ABD also told SIK and his colleagues, about the money they gave amounting to 21 million for SDR. The news about 21 million was spread in the social community around the SDR guru's house with a negative outlook. They also meet behind the SDR with insulting eyes. Regard SDR as a mercenary currency. Or maybe because they are jealous or something else.

So whoever is wrong and has a problem whether the ABD as a student, or SIK as a new guru who feels the tariqah is more sacred, more guardian before Allah, than others, even though SDR sincerely hopes that the reward from Allah has brought his students and at the same time glorify SIK by giving him people to be good students for him to guide, but the SIK reciprocates it all by insulting SDR. 

Even worse, the ABD also told about the descent status of the SDR`s wife to SIK, so the wife of SDR became an ingredient to be insulted by SIK where SIK told his colleagues and some the SDR`s house neighbors that the SDR`s wife was a woman who claimed to be a descendant Arab Sarifah so that her husband is given millions of rupiah by his students. Because according to SIK, he had seen directly the biological mother of the woman who became the wife of SDR, that the mother of the SDR`s wife was JAWA (Javanese) and had no blood of Arab descent. So it is not possible if the SDR's wife is of ARAB blood, especially as a sarifah. As a result of the spread of the news from the mouth of this SIK, a cynical view emerged among the women's associations in the social community around the house which hurt the SDR wife, the title of a woman who claimed to be a sarifah and an Arab descendant.

Even SDR also did not introduce the status of his wife to all his students except students who were like family and even then if they were of Arab blood or if they asked. And that is not claiming, because in fact, the deceased father of the SDR wife was indeed of Arab descent. (and surprisingly, SIK had never met even the deceased father of the SDR wife, but had dared to spread this extraordinary evil news).

  • That's how humans are, even people who look like they are sitting in dhikr every night might still be satanic saints, who spread bad news and slander everywhere.
  • The more knowledgeable someone is, The more humble he should be (not arrogant). What is meant is Qur'anic science or Islamic science. 
  • Being a guru is not easy, not only having knowledge, intelligence, but also wisdom, sincerity, patience,  etc. 
  • A student must remain moral to his teacher, even though the student has become a high official or even a king, while his teacher seems to be just an ordinary person. 
This Real Story is retold directly by the source to the YMAN Webmaster Team.
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