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Political Strategy Calling each other as infidels (Kafir)

In the concept of Islam, Allah through the Qur'an when displaying the term of KAFIR is only addressed to people or groups of people who commit acts that deny Allah (such as not being Muslim, not saying sahadat sentences, not giving thanks to Allah, and forbidden acts in other fields of disbelief / kafir).

kafir meaning unbeliever infidel

Kafir (Arabic: كافر‎ kāfir; plural كَافِرُونَ kāfirūna, كفّار kuffār or كَفَرَة kafarah; feminine كافرة kāfirah; feminine plural كافرات kāfirāt or كوافر kawāfir) is an Arabic term (from the root K-F-R "to cover") meaning "infidel", "rejector", "disbeliever", "unbeliever", "nonbeliever". The term refers to a person who rejects or disbelieves in Allah or the tenets of Islam, denying the dominion and authority of Allah, and is thus often translated as "infidel". (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kafir)

During the competition and political party warfare, the term KAFIR was also used by a person or group of people to refer to other people / groups who differed in political views and strategies as KAFIR, even though they knew that people or groups of people who differed in political strategy were people who in real terms also say the sahadat sentence, seen establishing prayer (salat), also giving alms, paying zakat, and carrying out what is commanded by religion. (An inner view beyond this, only returns to a more omniscient Allah).
(Thus giving the impression that when they called those clearly Muslim as KAFIR, it was as if they were imposing a wish that the different parties / groups of the party would be better to become KAFIR, even though they knew that people were different the party's choice was actually also Muslim) 
In the time of the Prophet Rasulullah, people who had embraced Islam were fostered and united in the Islamic brotherhood that is in rahmah lil alamin. Those who were still weak in their Islamic knowledge would be educated, etc., not even encouraged to become KAFIR by calling them KAFIR.

Even more dangerous, in order to win this political battle, people are not even reluctant to slander (make hoax news) one of the major acts of sin which are also categorized by several madzhab as actions that approach kufr (acts of disbelief itself). Another terrible thing is, among those who are considered infidels are the Ulama who are known to be godly, Alim, tawaddu` (whom they previously respected, they expected prayers from them, etc.).
So that beforehand was to be a student (murid) who respected his syeich, now the student was so heartened to call his syeich an infidel person, even though the syeich was actually still Muslim. Previously, being a polite syeich fostered his students, now the syeich had the heart to call all his students who chose different political parties as infidels. Previously, it was a very close friendship, now the friendship in Islam has disappeared, because of Calling each other as infidels (Kafir)
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