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Various Issues on Political News About Indonesian Presidential Candidates

Actually, it is too heavy to write notes about political news through this simple spiritual blog site (because it is beyond the capacity we understand). It is only because of sadness when we see the emergence of hostility among Muslims, the disrespect of the ulamas, etc., so we ventured to write about the effects of this political feud.

Indonesian presidential candidates (PEMILU 2019) Jokowi Prabowo

The more closer the election of Indonesian presidential candidates (PEMILU 2019), the more hot the atmosphere of the Indonesian political stage. Various issues and political news about presidential candidates also appear that are mixed up between the news that is true, but fake, also hoaxes, even slander, and the like. News that has been released from each side of a political party that supports their preferred presidential candidate (The Trusted Candidate).

News that sprang up from mouth-to-mouth, from writing to writing, from the effect of spreading status updates on social media accounts, from videos to videos, from photos of memes, from colleagues, from office friends, from neighboring chats, from mothers of associations social gathering, from worshipers in the mosque, from majlis to majlis, and so on.

Unfortunately, not everyone is cautious and first filters out all the news, but accepts the news just as it is and returns to spread it without regard to the truth of the news (which may only be slander or hoax news). Especially if the news is negative (bad) news about a presidential candidate they don't like, then the news is immediately eaten with a feeling of happiness, and they will soon spread it with a feeling of joy and pride and consider themselves to have also participated in fighting for the truth.

Read Olso:

The attitude of taking for granted all the news like the way above even happened to one of our students who are Muslims from abroad (Europe) who recently came to visit and stayed for a few days in a nearby area. When he had time to interact for several days with several neighbors around the house (the neighbors of the house who happened to like one of the Indonesian presidential candidates and hated other candidates).
This our student was eventually consumed by slander, hoaxes, and news in reality that he himself did not know the truth of the news for sure. Then he joined in hating one of the presidential candidates and hated all the Ulama (clerics) who supported him. Even with great confidence (like an arrogant person), he stated directly to us that he was even better than the Ulama who supported the presidential candidate and considered all the Ulama as world clerics, the Ulama who like money, the Ulama who like positions, The infidel ulama , and other bad titles. Whereas in fact, this muslim student who came from abroad, he never met directly with the ulama who had been demeaned, never saw firsthand how the life of the ulama that he had insulted. 
More ironically, among the ulamas he despised were people who had studied and practiced the Islamic religious sciences that had been obtained from direct education for decades to get the title of graduation from alim Sheikhs in various fields of Islam recognized at the world's leading Islamic Universities (about the Qur'an, al-Hadith, Fiqh, Tawheed, Islamic History, spiritual tariqat, etc.) and these ulamas also have experience in the application of Islamic da'wah strategies that are appropriate for the Indonesian missionary area. Islamic da'wah areas that are different from other countries, where the strategy of Islamic da'wah in Indonesia is faced with various characters of a pluralistic Indonesian society (consisting of hundreds of cultures, languages, and several religious followers). While this student who insulted the cleric (ulama) were still not fluent in reading the verses of the Quran and did not have extensive knowledge in understanding the Quran, and did not understand the slightest about the best strategy for carrying out Islamic political da`wah (preaching) in Indonesia.
Some of the most negative news related to one of the Indonesian presidential candidates, who are liked to be disseminated anonymously and openly, such as:
  • Presidential candidates who are believed to be communist stooges. Powerful effects: So that all the ulamas and people who support this presidential candidate will be regarded as communist Ulama, the ulamas looking for money, and other bad titles. Although far earlier, these ulamas have been known as godly and tawadu ulamas, ulamas who are considered guardians (walyullah)  by hundreds of thousands of people throughout Indonesia and even throughout Asia.
  • The presidential candidate is suspected of not being Muslim (considered a Kafir). Powerful effects: All supporters of this presidential candidate are considered to be infidels or at least considered to support infidels. 
  • and various other negative issues.

Are they Bad Ulamas?
Although indeed in the course of the history of Islamic politics in the Middle East, Europe and Asia, it has been noted that there were people who were considered as ulamas who like money, like jobs potition, are willing to sell religion, sell Allah's name. But that does not mean that today you may accuse ulama anywhere including in Indonesia as ugly ulamas based solely on unclear news and news from slander.

Different Political Da'wah Strategies
Than you accuse the cleric and maybe your accusation is wrong and result in you getting a big sin because of insulting and slandering the heirs of the prophet, then attitude to the strategy of political preaching of the ulamas with a cautious attitude especially if the political strategy of Islamic da'wah in Indonesia is far beyond the capacity of your knowledge.

Not all of those who plunge into the political arena and support one of the presidential candidates are caused by money, or expect a position. Can also the main reason is purely based on the factor of their beliefs and trust in the presidential candidates they will choose.

So if you are sure to choose number 1 presidential candidate, then other people may be more sure to choose number 2 presidential candidate. This difference should not be a reason to blaspheme and defame each other. Because in reality, what will happen in the future is unknown. This is the same as it is not yet known which of the presidential candidates is available which is truly free from sin (there are no defects in his mistakes).

God willing (Insha Allah), each cleric (Ulama) has an analysis and view of the strategy of Islamic political propaganda in Indonesia. God willing, they have considered various possible worst risks and the best results for Islam and Muslims in Indonesia. And just pray for them all.

Take a cautious attitude 
If you like supporting one of the presidential candidates and his supported ulamas, then support them with the intention of bismillah because of Allah. Without having to blaspheme other presidential candidates and their supporting ulamas. Without having to berate them as infidels ulama, as ugly ulama, etc.
Keep in mind ! The thoughts of anyone about how the implementation of the political strategy of Islamic da'wah in Indonesia should be, could be wrong, and it could also be true. Mistakes can happen to Ulama and presidential candidates that you support.
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