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Behavior of a Neighbor and Former Student from London

The following is a true story retold to the YMAN Webmaster Team about the behavior of a neighbor and a student from London. (Original TITLE: The most beautiful gift from a student from London)

The most beautiful memories of a Londoner

This story begins with a meeting of a person from London and a spiritual guru who lives in a modest house in one of the cities in Indonesia. This first meeting took place a few years ago. In this first meeting, the person who came from London said he wanted to be a student and get spiritual guidance from the guru.

The guru accepted him as a student and began to guide him for several days. Next the student starts practicing everything taught from the teacher in his country, London. Even though different countries, the guru still takes the time to provide guidance via whatsup and teach various ways and positive efforts to introduce the student about the other world. Until the student comes again to meet. After this second meeting, the relationship between the student and the guru grew closer until it had become like family.

The guru also makes every effort to teach what he knows in accordance with the level of understanding of the student. Teaches about various vibrations of energy and how to process them to the level where the student has begun to be able to see invisible shadows.
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After returning to his country, London, the student continued to contact the guru using the whats up application. Within a day can more than 1 time contact the guru. Can be in the morning, evening, or night. And each time calling the guru, at least takes the guru's time for 30 minutes even sometimes it can be 1 hour. Because this student is very pushy and always asks things. So that this really takes up the guru's time. But as long as the guru is not busy, then the guru is still trying to accept whatsup calls and provide any explanation asked by this student. This is because the guru not only regards him as a student, but also considers him a part of his family.

The guru then plans to train the student about some basic astral nature understandings to the master's astral nature skill understanding because the guru wants this student not only to be able to see only astral shadows, but also to know how to communicate with various types of beings in the astral realm. The guru also wants to ensure that the student is truly physically and spiritually ready to enter further dimensions of the astral world

But before the guru's plan is implemented, the harmonization of the relationship between the guru and the student is interrupted because the student has an impatient character and always assumes that the guru is deliberately not willing to give him guidance even though the guru has tried as much as possible. This is due to the following true story.

The relationship between the guru and his student starts out of harmony when the guru was unable to always answer the student's phone call which can sometimes be in the morning, in the afternoon, at night, sometimes even when the guru wants to rest after various tiring activities.  Other reasons is at the same time the guru is has others activities or is accepting visiting guest. In addition, the guru was also forced to limit calls from London, due to the guru's limited internet data package. But the student from London never wanted to understand the guru's situation. The student only thinks that the guru does not want to guide and deliberately does not want to answer, although every time the guru answers this student`s phone, the guru must lose time between 30 minutes to 1 hour just to provide an explanation of the various types of questions asked by the student. This is due to the habit of this student, when he gets an answer to one question, then he will ask again about other things, so that the time of the call can pass 30 minutes or even 1 hour.

The relationship is increasingly out of harmony and eventually the relationship between the guru and student is broken when the student gets bad news from others about the guru and no longer considers him as his guru. Even though the guru still considers him as a student.

The Bad Story of Neighbor
This neighbor had never before had students from out of town let alone from abroad. So with sincere intentions because Allah is in order to glorify the neighbor and also for the good of his students, the guru also introduces some of his students to neighbors, a person who is known as a rich person and also often performs dhikr together at his home.

Among the guru's students who were introduced to the rich who looked like zikr were students from London and his friend, a student from Sweden.

The first time that was introduced by the guru was a student from Sweden, but it turns out, this neighbor though seen often doing zikr, turned out to have a bad character, because telling bad things about the guru resembled slander, which is inversely proportional to what the guru told about this man, where the guru always tells good things to his students about this rich man.

The bad story about the guru by the rich man was eaten raw and was just believed by the student from Sweden who then recounted the slander to any other students including this student from London. Even adding other bad stories beyond his knowledge.

One other cause turns out that this man (the neighbor) who is known to always hold the dhikr together feels that he is holier than others, his tarikat is better than other tarikat, and this is also taught to all his students, so that all his students also think that their spirit holier than other people's souls so they become takabbur. Even a new student from sweden who was initially introduced by the guru to this neighbor, is now very takabur and dares to say that his spirit is holier than a great ulama in Indonesia (ethical reasons, we were forced to keep the name of this ulama secret).

Unfortunately, the guru was only able to find out the true nature of this neighbor after this incident. Whereas before he planned to introduce hundreds of his students from local Indonesia to neighbors who were known to be seen always holding the dhikr. But Allah may have deliberately shown the authenticity of this person's nature through 1 or 2 of the guru`s former students. And the guru was grateful to have found out, even though he had not managed to save 2 of his abroad students who are now suffering from the takabbur and hatred disease.
The most beautiful gift from a student from London
Until one day this student from London came to meet this rich man (Note: in the previous year, the guru had already been introduced briefly).

Because the house is close together (neighboring) and can see each other, the neighbor is trying to prevent the guru from knowing that the former student from London is coming to learn from the rich man who is the guru`s neighbor. Until they were very careful when they were gathered talking on the porch. But of course, because the house is close together and talking while laughing on the open porch, it can certainly be seen by anyone.

For the bad behavior of the neighbors and former students, the guru only prayed, so that students from London and Sweden always get good guidance from anyone. Specifically to a student who came from Sweden, the guru only said that he would stop feeling more holy approaching the arrogant and demeaning others, and begin to stop spreading bad news about his former guru to anyone because Allah knows more about anything so that you will never loss of etiquette especially to someone who has guided you in reading the shahada and salawat which are done with the seriousness and sincerity of expecting the pleasure of Allah by the guru. And for his neighbors, the guru only prayed that the hearts of his neighbors could be open and not spread slanderous news, and the like.
 (Translated using google translate)
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